Presenting Trip and Claims Management

Expense Claims processing can be a big cost item to any business. Putting in policies to manage it is necessary. Equally important is the ability to ensure policies are adhered to but at the same time you would want to allow some flexibility to the line managers to approve special expenses. This could lead to better business sentiments and win employee loyalty.

A Cloud Service

This is being offered as a Cloud service. This means it is easy to take advantage of this to increase productivity, enforce compliance and to improve employee satisfaction. Not forgetting that the cost can be easily recovered since this would be an OPEX rather than a CAPEX investment.

Modern Technologies

The service is offered with a web and a mobile interface. This gives flexibility in deployment. It will also see faster adoption as employees can adapt to it faster. Learning curve is vastly reduced with the native mobile user interface design plus adoption of many modern technologies such as GPS, Camera, QR codes, etc.

Interconnected Services

Integration to back-end accounting systems can be provided for together with ability to link to Banks for disbursement file submissions. 

As your use mature, you can even take advantage of integration with other third-party service provider such as Travel, Transport, Restaurants and many others to gain better insight to how expenditures are used in your business. Besides, you might even be able to use such analytics to get better pricing from such vendors.

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