Schools out but the fiscal year-end rush is on again

Ever wondered why many companies chose to have their fiscal year end during the school holidays? Is it some sadistic thing that they want to wield onto accountants?

Anyway, while the children are having a ball of their time with their school holidays, the poor accountant knows that it is possibly the busiest time of the year for them. So whether your financial year-end is in March, June, September or December, there are always submissions to be made, statutory or corporate reporting to file, budgets to prepare and probably another 100 other things that keeps an accountant busy as a bee till late.

We at APPtalics understand and perhaps can help.

We specialize in everything that is related to Accounting and CRM software. May it be a simple report, a data extraction need, a new way of handling a business process, or something much more, such as a new mobile solution that will improve efficiency in a business workflow for employees and customers? We have both the technical skills, the methodology and the business experience to help you craft out the most cost effective solution possible, on time and on budget.

We accept jobs small and large. See us as your handyman for your business. For bigger projects where cost is an important consideration, we do projects billed on a subscription basis. What this means is that we are able to convert the project into a subscription sale to your business, amortized over a number of years. Imagine making it into OPEX spend instead of CAPEX expenditure. Your cash flow will love you for it.

We do have many years of experience working with a number of Accounting and CRM software. Ability is therefore not the concern but doing it the right way is. Hence, we pride in our “We Do APPs Right!” slogan.

Talk to us early and see yourself feeling less stressed for once this fiscal year end.