Sage 300 e-Invoicing Solution

Author’s Note: There is no official announcement at this moment on whether Sage offers an e-Invoicing solution that works with the PEPPOL standard in their Sage 300 product. We will update this article when we have more to information.

If you have a current requirement to have this ability in your Sage 300 installation, then you have 2 choices available.

The first option is a makeshift temporary solution at best. This is to use one of the Access Point provider’s utility program to retrieve and submit e-Invoices. This should not be a permanent solution as it negates the benefits of using e-Invoicing since it is still a semi-manual procedure. Errors are very likely to occur with any manual effort. 

A better approach would be to use a program that is embedded in your installation. Such an end-to-end solution would offer all the benefits touted by the e-Invoicing initiative. No transposing or re-entering of data occur, hence saving you time and money.

APPtalics in conjunction with their partner can offer such a solution today. Our deep knowledge of Sage 300 together with our pre-built utility program that can generate XML outputs through a scripting engine, provides for a real world solution. Once installed, your invoicing system can submit or retrieve invoices, from your Access Point provider, with no manual editing and directly from your application.

Whether you are a user of Sage 300 or a Sage Business Partner, if you are looking for a ready made solution to e-Invoicing based on PEPPOL or any standards, we have a solution for you. Contact us today at