Payroll Outsourcing Partnership Program-Singapore and Malaysia

Looking for a payroll and HR software to service your customers?

Why should you be reading this

Payroll outsourcing service is a highly competitive business. Besides the price pressure, you need to offer more complete services to your customers. With so many software products on the market, it is no longer about finding the cheapest and most suitable product. It is also about looking for a company that can offer all that and understands the outsourcing business.

We have an ideal solution to offer you and a partnership program like no other. After all, we understand the outsourcing business, being a partner to some notable companies in Singapore.

Quality of Service (QOS)

The service is rendered using the world-class Amazon Cloud or Microsoft Azure. This gives you the security and reliability necessary for your business. It is also a complete solution that performs payroll, leave, claims, time attendance, training, appraisal, data analytics and more.

Pricing that is just right

All of these is offered at a price point that makes business sense, i.e. through a pay as you use program. This cost-effective offer is an all in one price. This means to get on-board this service there is no sign-up fee, hardware, and license investment. As your usage increases, you even benefit with lower rates!

This innovative business arrangement makes it a “no-brainer”. Without any hefty upfront charges, this means you can deploy this instantly and if you don’t like it, just terminate. Of course, we are confident enough with our product and our program that you would choose to stay and perhaps even move all your customers to this platform.

Being a Cloud service has many advantages. It is easy to get you on-board. It is also easy to offer your customers, options for self-service.

It also has some useful features that make managing your customers easier. Imagine managing your list of customers from a single console. You can easily and quickly zoom into any of your customers’ data to do work without the need to log in and out.

Don’t hesitate

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