Overview of PowerLib for Sage 300 accpac Singapore

Are you currently using Microsoft VBA for development of customization? Or, are you already onto Microsoft Visual Studio, using C# or one of the supported languages? Perhaps, you are new to Sage 300 accpac and would like to get started doing customization and want to avoid the unnecessary complexities of using the SDK in Singapore. If you are then you would have realized by now the challenges faced coding with those tools.

PowerLib for Sage 300 is an accumulation of years of work customizing Sage 300 accpac by our team in Singapore. For every instance we faced a hurdle and derived a better way of resolving it, we will keep it in a library that we can reuse.

Think of PowerLib for Sage 300 as your “cheat sheet” or “secret tool” to faster and better development framework in Singapore.

We will be documenting some of tips and tricks using this framework soon. In the meantime, here are some quick points about the product:

No need to mess with Session and SignOn objects. We simplify all these into a simple one line of code

Want to sub-class an OCX but want to avoid versioning issues? Use our Container library in a single line of code to instantiate the screen ID. This way you can even code in, say 2017 and deploy for older or later versions without change.

Simplify the distribution of your effort as the framework includes all necessary components.

Enjoy royalty free distribution of your programs.

Take advantage of our years of experience by tapping into our Helpline.

Benefit from special capabilities using our framework. For example, code customizations that can avoid security limitations as a result of users not having the rights to certain Views. Often, requesting for more rights for a User ID is not acceptable as that opens up additional Sage 300 functions that is undesirable.

Questions On The PowerLib For Sage 300 accpac Software Services in Singapore?

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