No idea about what you can do to improve the efficiency of your business?

Very often businesses understand that efficiency needs to be improved. It is an ongoing process. What works last year, may not work this year. So, constant monitoring and adapting is essential to stay competitive. I recall the mantra some 25 years ago in the company that I work at. The mantra was “Change Again”. The intention was to drill into the employees that constant change is good and encouraged. Today, it is still of relevance.

One way to solve this is to engage business consultants. Engaging expensive consultants can be just that, expensive. And, after the money is spent, there is still more to pay to get the recommendations implemented. If the solution is software, you have that feeling that the money spent on the consultant could have paid for the development of the software solution.

If you are seeking a different approach, well there is an alternative. Speak to us at APPtalics. We are not just a software development company but because we have years of experience in the Accounting and CRM world, we are able to offer advice besides doing technical work. Through us you can discover possible technologies that can be deployed to overcome your challenges. And, all these are provided at no cost to your business. We gain only when you use our technical services to develop the solution for you.

Usually, the needs are apparent. It is the finding of the right approach to tackle it that is missing. A business consultant will be able to do that but someone else will need to deliver on the solution. APPtalics is able to help you identify your needs and suggest possible approaches to solve it with today’s technologies. It is then for you to decide on whether you choose to go with it.

Check out our approach to software development. See why everyone can have their say.

For larger projects we even have a plan to convert your investment in the new system into an OPEX instead of CAPEX expenditure. Perfect, when you need a solution quickly but may not have a budget for it yet.