Everyone can have their say

In custom software development, user inputs are important to a successful outcome for a project. This is why we at APPtalics engages customer every step of the way. We use the AGILE approach to ensure the results meet and exceed the user expectations.

Note: AGILE METHOD is an industry standard approach to software development where the requirements and the solution are continuously reviewed through frequent collaborative efforts between all directly or indirectly affected parties.

Often the user requirements only take full shape after a few iterations in the releases. This is good and should not be seen as a negative. When new solutions break new grounds, the how and whys are usually not clearly defined. It only becomes clearer when people gets to see and feel the results. Such a process has to be factored in.

While this can happen, there also must be ownership and leadership in any project. By this we are not saying we will need to cap user’s expectations because that would negate the original intentions. Rather we want to have these expectations incorporated into a delivery roadmap, should they be proven important enough but need not be there in the initial release.

Doing so has a number of benefits. Team’s efforts are recognized; everyone knows their contribution is important; acceptance is high; and ultimately the final solution will be seen as a winner. Secondary to this, it is possible that budgets will be met.

We know it is intimidating for a business user to have to express the requirements to a technical person. One always gets the feeling that the needs and wants would be misunderstood.

APPtalics have years and years of experience in Accounting and CRM software. We couple all these knowledge with today’s technologies to make it work for your business. This is why engaging us is much less stressful as we literarily speak in your lingo.

Talk to us today on your business needs and see how your business can be transformed with a good custom system.