How Best to Use Sage 300cloud

The web interface offered in Sage 300cloud may not be right for everyone. There is still a lot of room for improvements if it is to become a mainstream interface to replace the classic Microsoft Windows interface.

But there are some very useful ways you can deploy and take advantage of in the Sage 300cloud interface. The most obvious one is the use of the interface for casual users of the system.

Here are other reasons that may interest you:

  • Casual users can use the application and access data without the need for any pre-installation on the user device. This means an anytime anywhere benefit can be added to your installation at little to no cost. Normally, you will need run workstation setup and allocate additional lanpaks to support this. Now they just need a browser that is supported and points it to the URL where Sage 300cloud is deployed and they are good to go.
  • If you have always wanted to deploy across entities of your business located in different geographical locations but has been intimidated by the cost of such deployment then this is the perfect solution. The new design is a big step up over the old web deployment technologies used in previous releases. Because of its lightweight controls and the use of HTML5, the responsiveness of the web screens are actually usable for data entry.
  • Even if data entry is not the primary intention for your choice to deploy Sage 300cloud, it is a perfect solution for Inquiry and Reporting. In fact, if there is a need for a good reason to choose to deploy Sage 300cloud then this would be it. Also, unlike some ERP products that offer a cheaper class of user access licenses, that has limited functionality, Sage 300 does not have it. However, this can be mitigated by deploying Sage 300cloud. User access does not require any special license. So, this is an even better alternative than the competition!
  • Interestingly, Sage 300cloud is both an on-premise and a Cloud service. This means you could switch to an OPEX cost model instead of going on the CAPEX model. Adding new entities to your business is now just a subscription away. This adds dynamism to your business systems which are not possible in the old licensing scheme.

There are possibly a lot more reasons why you would need to use such deployments. Feel free to check with us if you need a second opinion on your idea for Sage 300cloud deployment. We are more than glad to share our experience and knowledge.