Cloud Payroll & HR Solution

A cloud-based payroll system gives flexibility in control, cost and features. Apptalics is happy to present you with our complete Cloud-based suite of services for payroll outsourcing services in Singapore. 

Apptalics Payroll Software - The Right Tool for Outsourcing Companies in Singapore

If you are in the business of providing payroll outsourcing services to companies in Singapore then you might want to consider what we have to offer.

Unlike current offerings in the market that require either a purchase of software or require you to pay to be a partner, our business arrangement for our payroll outsourcing services in Singapore eliminates all that. Now you can take advantage of a Cloud-based complete suite of modules covering Pay, Leave, Claims and Time Attendance at reduced rates without the need for any enrollment fees.

The good news is, you only need to pay for what you use and you can stop anytime you wish to. We will gladly provide you a copy of your data when you request it – should you want to terminate the arrangement. It is that transparent!

Additionally, the rates are reduced as your usage increases. To keep it attractive, the time attendance feature is kept separate so you do not pay for it should you not need it for a particular customer.

Want To Retain Private Branding? You Can Do So With Our Payroll Software in Singapore

If it is important for your business to remain on top of things, you can even White Label the payroll outsourcing services we provide in Singapore. This way, you enjoy all the benefits of a great Cloud-based product but you retain your private branding for the service. And, for a fee we can even allow you to host it on your own private Cloud and maintain a complete look and feel. We will then provide you with administrative services.

A Proven Solution

The payroll software we have in Singapore has been in the market for 4 years now with over 300+ companies using it.

It also has 2 reputable outsourcing businesses using it now. So, you are joining a community of service providers who need a tested and proven solution that not only addresses the functional needs but is also priced for your kind of business.

Our payroll outsourcing software in Singapore is constantly improving because we listen. Not only is development focused on compliance but also on making it easier to use.

Modern and Future-proof Solution

When it comes to payroll and HR solutions in Singapore, you are faced with a lot of choices. Choosing one that ticks all the right boxes is yet another hurdle.

There are products that are provided very cheaply but it is because they are legacy products. Switching to a new product and new technology can be challenging. So, choosing wisely will save you money in the long run.

Likewise, your customers have many choices for service providers. They not only look for cost reduction but they are seeking to enhance their employee relationship. This means looking for payroll outsourcing services in Singapore that provide convenience for their employees as well as give them value added benefits, such as analytics, reports, productivity and integration.

Your decision on the type of payroll outsourcing services to use will determine the long-term success of your management.

Looking For Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore? We have the right tool for you!

The benefits of using our payroll outsourcing services are endless. If you are interested, drop us an email at We can discuss the different payroll software solutions available in Singapore to find what works best for your business to stand out in a highly competitive outsourcing market.

Once we understand how your business operate, we can even help you on-board a customer so that you can experience the full power of our solution.

So why wait? Contact us now!

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